Volunteer Work
Why Volunteer?
In so many facets of life, it is clear that what "goes around, comes around." If an individual expects to live in a clean, healthy environment, then he or she must make a commitment (large or small) to maintain that environment. If an individual wants a better, safer community, then he or she must participate in the community. Monetary contributions are beneficial, but not enough. Donations may "grease the rails" of progress, however, it takes individuals to focus those funds in ways that make a real difference. Those who do not participate relegate themselves to the role of bystander.

The Springfield Quality of Life Committee
I am a founding member of the Springfield Quality of Life Committee. This group of volunteers originally banded together to limit the impact of a local school's plan to host nighttime sporting events without proper traffic, security, and event controls. Through the talents and commitments of its members, the committee now finds its voice heard by the School Board, the Zoning Board, and the County Commissioners.

GreenTreks Network
GreenTreks broadcasts stories about ordinary people who become empowered, take some risks, and win their battles. Why is this important? Because it serves as a role model for those of us who become complacent in the familiarity of day-to-day routine. It serves as a source of empowerment for individuals who wish to step off the corporate treadmill for just a moment to do something for themselves by giving back to the nation and to the world.


The goal of GreenTreks is to empower people to make positive change. GreenTreks does not focus on any one issue or topic. Nor do they focus on groups, companies, or associations. They find individual people who are fighting the good fight and give them air time. They tell stories that change the world by example. As part of their team, I help empower people to become involved in protecting the environment by exposing them to the kind of localized viewpoints that compel them to care. If you are seeking that illusive "something better," a good place to start might be the GreenTreks WebSite (www.GreenTreks.org).