-- Corporate Video and Multimedia --

Capturing the Audience
I was asked to participate in the firm's Knowledge Management initiative. The software package to be rolled-out was InterAction. Interaction is amazingly powerful, but the concepts and materials are dry. To engage our employees, I wrote the script for a multimedia piece that plays like a 1920's detective movie. In as few as four minutes, it hooked both executives and staff and left them wanting more. Click on the photograph of the detective (on the left) to watch the detective story . This is an 8 meg file and make take a minute or two to download at high speed. If a message window appears asking you to "open" or "save," click open and then click run when prompted. You may also wish to turn the volume up on your computer speakers. (Requires flash player available at www.adobe.com)

A prospective client wanted to be certain that our employees understood basic security principles relating to buildings, equipment, passwords, and personal safety before they would sign a contract.  This 10 minute video met the need and set the stage for better employee habits.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Email Etiquette
Large or small, companies that wish to avoid painful litigation need to teach their people what to and what not to write in their emails. Working with several young attorneys, we put together a continuing legal education program modeled after the John Stewart "Daily Show." With a wonderfully dry sense of humor, these multimedia pieces (plus more) were sprinkled into a live "news cast" complete with interviews of VIP's, witty dialog, and important content. (5 min demo reel. MP4 format)

Mergers Counseling
The Antitrust Practice Group needed to reach out to their Attorneys about Mergers Counseling. Working together, we combined a panel discussion with multimedia dramatizations that proved to be the perfect mix. This five minute demo reel will give you the flavor of the longer, one-hour program. (.MP4 format)

Continuing Legal Education
Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits are required for attorneys to maintain their ability to practice law after admission to the bar. There is no nationwide accreditation since the programs are administered by the State Supreme Courts through a special CLE Commission or Board.  Thus, CLE accreditation is given on a state-by-state basis.  When the multi-national law firm of Dechert LLP wanted to apply for permission from the New York Board to use recorded video as part of their CLE program, they turned to their in-house expert.  What you will see by clicking on this link is a five minute demo reel of the longer one hour program.

Video/Photographic Montage
Waldorf Schools are private, independently funded schools, offering education ranging from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12. Waldorf Education was established from the educational research and insights of the Austrian educator and philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Central to the philosophical beliefs of Rudolf Steiner is that each person consists of a body, mind, and spirit. His overall body of work is called “Anthroposophy” or ‘wisdom of the human being’. Neither the word, "Anthroposophy," nor the philosophy, is taught to students, but it inspires the teachers and guides the operational principles.  This masterfully designed montage will give you a glimpse into the workings of an amazing school.

No Time to Waste
Busy Executives don't have time to waste, though many still struggle to understand their corporate Document Management System. This continuing education piece shows how easy a DMS can be in less than five minutes. In 2007, the "Interwoven Express" was the most watched "video" throughout Dechert LLP.
The Maximize What You Have Tour
Lawyers triage their email. If is not from a client, it had better be just a few sentences. Otherwise, the chance of them reading it is slim-to-none. In an effort to announce an upcoming training in an entertaining, yet informative way, I created this two minute commercial. The proof was in the pudding; the training was successful and well attended. Click on the image to the right to see the promo.
-- Business Focus and Results --
Branding is an important part of a corporate image. While managing the DuPont team, I worked with graphic artist Jason Novak to brand my department with a high-tech look and feel best expressed by this blue chrome-style logo, TEC (Technology Education Center).
At Morgan Lewis LLP, I worked with expert Jason Bickle to brand our products and services with a nautical look and feel. With over 250 software products in our mix, the lighthouse signifies that education is "a beacon in the sea of technology."
At Dechert LLP, I established an in-house university in a record-breaking four months. Again, using a nautical theme, the compass denotes that a solid education allows you to "choose your direction."


Cost Efficiency

I am a strong advocate of cost efficiency. Multimedia often requires a large initial investment. This can be a "catch-22" when drafting a proposal to invest in this area. To surmount this problem, I developed a unique process for creating low-cost multimedia that served as a basis for growth at DuPont Pharmaceuticals and Morgan Lewis, LLP. Click here to see what is possible with no up front cost. This is a 4 meg file and make take a minute or two to download at high speed. If a message window appears asking you to "open" or "save," click open. You may also wish to turn the volume up on your computer speakers. (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint 97 or better)

Standardization with Flexibility
For Morgan Lewis LLP, I managed ten, geographically distant employees. Convincing them to all teach the same material in a consistent way was a challenge. The success of my curricula is based upon quality content and quality formatting. Each section begins with the conceptual big picture that includes specific "value points." These value points make it very clear to the reader "what's in it for me." Concepts are followed by step-by-step instructions, notes, and warnings. Both the student guide and instructor guide are printed from a single file. This is managed through Microsoft Word's hidden text feature. Click here to see an Instructor Guide. (Requires Acrobat Reader available through www.adobe.com)

Internal Marketing
A brochure is a simple, cost effective means to promote one's products and services. The field of technology education is no exception. Click here to see all the services a small, dedicated team can provide. (Requires Acrobat Reader 5.0 or better available through www.adobe.com)

Quick Reference Guides (QRG's) are one to four page documents, written in plain English, power packed with information. Easy Step Guides (ESG's) are one to two page documents that take you step by step through the basics of a feature. (Requires Acrobat Reader 5.0 or better available through www.adobe.com)


-- Web Sites --

My wife, Barbara, is a Realtor (I happen to be licensed, as well). To promote her business I developed several web sites. They are:

My brother, John, is an Entrepreneur. To promote his business I helped him create the Keystone Institute.

While President of the Birchwood Condominium Association, I created www.CondoInfoPage.com to assist dissemination of information to the residents, manage the Executive Board's minutes and documents, and generally help maintain property value.

I also created the original Ethanol Alcohol Research Database Web site (http://ETOH.NiAAA.NIH.GOV) which has been modified by several contractors throughout the years, yet the searching routines I created are still active, on-line, and fast by today's standards. ETOH is the chemical designation for Ethanol and the database supports all scientific health-related research on alcohol.

-- Fun --

Speed and Creativity
Speed and creativity often translate into profit. Royal Caribbean International as part of a joint promotion with KYW News (a CBS affiliate) staged a contest. The rules were simple. "Tell us in 60 seconds or less why you need a cruise vacation." In one weekend my family and I produced our entry. Click on the photograph of the ship to play the streaming video. This is a progressive download, so should only take about 10 seconds to start playing at high speed. (Requires flash player available at www.adobe.com)

Telling a 30 Second Story
Surprise endings leave an impression. Is "Heinzy" a stuffed animal, a dog, or some other surprise? You will learn the answer to this question at the end of this thirty second commercial featured on Top This TV Challenge. Click here to launch the video from the YouTube Archives.